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Himalaya Roof of the World ITMB Map
Himalaya Roof of the World ITMB Map Himalaya & Everest ITMB Map Himalaya & Everest ITMB Map Himalaya & Everest ITMB Map Himalaya & Everest ITMB Map

Himalaya & Everest ITMB Map

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This is a lovely double-sided map with two attractive covers, so can be displayed either as Everest or Himalaya. The Everest side covers the mountain itself, with base camps and accommodations clearly shown. There are actually several interesting trails one could explore and all the shown; only one leads to the summit. The reserve side shows the entire Himalaya 'knot' that forms the basis for so many mountain chains. The area of coverage includes all of Nepal and Sikkim, a significant portion of Bhutan, most of Tibet, and a bit of northern India. All roads and attractions are shown. The map includes a detailed inset map for Kathmandu and another for the valley region surrounding the city. There are now half a dozen access roads into Nepal, and all are shown. East-west travel is finally available with the completion of Hwy 1401.

We can laminate this map, which will allow you to draw on it in whiteboard marker or apply map dots to locations of interest without permanently marking the map. The lamination also makes the map very durable and protects against tears and stains.

To laminate this map we have taken the folded map and flattened it out before encapsulating it in high-quality 80-micron laminate, so please be aware that there will still be slight fold lines visible.

Scale 1:1,300,000

Size 690 x 1000mm

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