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Hastings Replogle Globe
Hastings Replogle Globe Hastings Replogle Globe Hastings Replogle Globe

Hastings Replogle Globe

The Hastings Globe by Replogle is a perfect choice for either the home or office. The Hastings presents beautifully on its solid hard wood walnut base, the warm colours of the wood accentuating the ball.

The Replogle 12" antique ball is a work of art, with its earth-toned colours clearly showing all the countries of the world. It is extremely detailed with over 4000 place names and is completely up to date.

Through the use of raised relief the mountain ranges project off of the globe, adding to its charm and educational value. There are also unique touches, such as the images of famous explorers' ships and their years of exploration as well as merchant shipping routes and the point-to-point distances.

The globe has been built to the highest standards, the ball is held in place by a strong die-cast meridian. The meridian is highly finished so that you can read the degrees of latitude with great accuracy. The mapping is applied by hand using high quality parchment. The ball and meridian are then securely bolted into the base.

This is a globe which will give generations of enjoyment.

Diameter 12" (30 cm)

Width 13" (33 cm)

Depth 12" (30 cm)

Height 16" (40 cm)

Weight 2.6 lb (1.2 kg)


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