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Atlantis Replogle Globe
Atlantis Replogle Globe Atlantis Replogle Globe Atlantis Replogle Globe Atlantis Replogle Globe

Atlantis Replogle Globe

The Atlantis 12 inch Replogle Globe is a very special globe. Not only does it have raised relief so you can feel the mountain ranges as you run your hand over the ball, but it also has indented relief. Indented relief is where depressions in the globes surface show where and how deep the ocean floor is, this is the only globe which does this.

The Atlantis is a truly physical globe as the land areas are shown in true-to-life colour, showing mountains, deserts, forests and grasslands. The Oceans are also shown in great detail specifically the undersea physical features and currents.

Another feature, which makes the Atlantis special, is its gyro-matic mounting with numbered full-meridian. This allows the globe to swivel up or down, allowing you to position any place to the top of the globe, this means you do not have to look under the globe to see the Southern hemisphere.

As with all Replogle globes this globe is constructed to the highest quality using the finest components. It is completely up to date and extremely detailed, showing over 4000 place names.

If you are interested in seeing the world as it truly is there is no better globe.

Diameter 12" (30 cm)

Width 15" (37 cm)

Depth 12" (30 cm)

Height 17" (42 cm)

Weight 2.95 lb (1.3 kg)


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