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World Political NGS 2794 x 1930mm Mural 3 Sheet Wallpaper

World Political NGS 2794 x 1930mm Mural 3 Sheet Wallpaper

The World Mural map by the National Geographic Society is a current political map that shows our world in traditional blue colours. The maps' astounding detail and quality make this map an excellent reference tool for either the home, office or classroom.

Unlike other political maps the country boarders are shown by use of a heavy coloured die line and the interior of the country is shown in white, making it easier to read the place names and information. Mountain ranges are shown in great detail through the use of shaded relief and the map also focuses on showing ocean depths and currents in greater detail than on any other World map.

The sheer amount of information on this map is impressive, there are smaller maps in the bottom corners showing population density, vegetation and land uses.

The mural is a very striking map and makes an impressive statement being 3 meters wide by 2 meters tall. The map is printed onto 3 seperate sheets of very heavy duty paper, making it durable and easy to hang.

The map uses the Winkel tripel projection to reduce distortion of land masses as they near the poles.

Size 2946mm x 1930mm (Comes rolled in 3 separate sheets)

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