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Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map
Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map

Ukraine & Moldova ITMB Map

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Ukraine is a country currently undergoing a dramatic change. The country was 'moving' west and had signed an association agreement with the EU when the then-President over-ruled the Parliament and signed an agreement binding Ukraine to Russia. This resulted in massive street protests and the eventual overthrow of the political leadership, who fled to Russia; in essence, a revolution occurred, but one to support the elected parliament and insist on rule of law. Russia then interfered grossly in Ukraine, seizing the Crimean Peninsula and destabilizing the easternmost parts of the country.

We have updated this map showing the reality of Russian-occupied Crimea as de-facto, while including it with Ukraine de jure. We also do not show any disruption in the eastern provinces, as fighting is on-going and the future uncertain. Nor do we show the border crossings into Russia that have been closed and this is unreliable at best and will sort itself out over time. Although it cannot be shown on the map, Ukraine has undergone a revolution of the mind and, as a country, is now looking westwards towards the EU for a brighter tomorrow, rather than northwards towards Russia. A new agreement with the EU has been signed and the country is undergoing some pretty fundamental adjustments.

Ukraine remains the most important political reality for the rest of Europe and North America for the immediate future and an extremely significant future partner. We are very pleased to be able to bring this updated map to market at this crucial time.

We can laminate this map, which will allow you to draw on it in whiteboard marker or apply map dots to locations of interest without permanently marking the map. The lamination also makes the map very durable and protects against tears and stains.

To laminate this map we have taken the folded map and flattened it out before encapsulating it in high-quality 80-micron laminate, so please be aware that there will still be slight fold lines visible.

Scale 1:1,000,000

Size 690 x 1000mm

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