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Solar System: The Sun's Neighborhood National Geographic 798 x 610mm Wall Map

Solar System: The Sun's Neighborhood National Geographic 798 x 610mm Wall Map

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The home galaxy of Earth, the Milky Way, is a spiral-shaped system of a few hundred billion stars. Bright regions of recently formed stars highlight its arms, while older stars explode or expel the outer layers as planetary nebulae, then fade away and die. A thick swarm of orange and red stars marks the galactic bulge, encapsulating the star-packed galactic centre. At its core may lie a black hole, and the scale is staggering: Light from a star at one edge of the galaxy takes about 100,000 years to reach the opposite side.

Explore the Milky Way with this gorgeous computer-generated image. Showing the entire galaxy in one perspective of a 3D model, this map incorporates the positions of hundreds of thousands of stars and nebulae. It shows Earth's location near the Orion Arm and includes additional photographs, descriptions, and locations of fascinating and stunning phenomena throughout the galaxy.

Star clusters, interstellar gas and dust, nebulae, young stars, molecular clouds, and galactic bursts are all depicted on this map in vivid blasts of colour against the darkness of space. Read about phenomena like the eerie "ghosts of a star," whose tendrils can be seen with binoculars from Earth.

The map can come either printed on heavyweight 160 gsm paper or laminated. The paper version is perfect for framing under glass, and the laminated version is exceptionally hard-wearing as we use a true encapsulation of two pieces of 80-micron gloss laminate.

Alternatively, we can supply this map on 395 gsm HP Professional Matte Canvas using pigment-based inks - making the map highly durable and fade-resistant. The exceptional clarity of printing makes this map a stunning addition to any room, and its high quality means that it will provide years of enjoyment.

The easiest way to hang your canvas map is by having wooden hang rollers attached top and bottom with a hanging cord on the top roller, so all you have to do is put a hook on the wall. The hang rails come lacquered in a natural timber colour.

Published: 2019

Size: 798 mm (w) x 610 mm (h) 

Note: Please allow ten working days to deliver hang-railed maps as they need to be attached by our framer.

Made in Australia

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