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Gall-Peters Equal Area World 930 x 610mm Laminated Wall Map

Gall-Peters Equal Area World 930 x 610mm Laminated Wall Map

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Which is bigger, Greenland or China?
With the traditional Mercator map Greenland and China look to be the same size, but in reality China is almost 4 times larger!

In response to such discrepancies James Gall created the equal area map in 1855, and during the 1970s Arno Peters brought the projection to a wider audience. The Gall-Peters World Map, as it has become known, dramatically improves the accuracy of how we see the World.

The Gall–Peters projection is a rectangular map projection - this means that one square inch anywhere on the map is an equal number of square miles. The result is that all the countries of the World are represented at true size and true proportion.

Traditional Mercator projection maps drastically enlarge the size of Northern hemisphere countries and diminish the size of those in the Southern hemisphere - the Gall-Peters challenges this preconception.

The Gall-Peters projection map has been a popular map in British schools for many years and is actively supported by UNESCO. In March 2017, the U.S. State of Massachusetts started introducing the Gall-Peters World map into public schools in Boston. This initiative gained a considerable amount of attention, and you can see the article here:

World map with accurate sizes: Gall-Peters projection throws schools into a spin

The article also includes an excellent video highlighting the differences between the traditional Mercator projection and the Gall-Peters.

On the left hand side you will see five panels highlighting some of the common misconceptions as to comparative country and continent size arising from the traditional mercator projection.

The high quality laminate in which the map is encapsulated allows you to draw on it or apply map dots to locations of interest without permanently marking the map. The lamination also makes the map very durable and protects against tears and stains.

This is the perfect map for anyone wanting to better understand the true size of the World - perfect for the classroom or the home.

Size: 930 mm (w) x 610 mm (h)

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