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MOVA Globe Cobalt Blue and Metallic Silver - 4.5"

MOVA Globe Cobalt Blue and Metallic Silver - 4.5"

The MOVA® globe is a world globe that turns gently using solar energy and the earth’s magnetic field. No batteries or wires are required. Simply place the MOVA® globe on it’s stand. Your MOVA® globe will come to life and start to turn when exposed to natural or artificial light.

The MOVA® globe floats at a perfect point of balance between gravitational forces and buoyant forces of the surrounding fluids. Carefully designed to operate in complete silence, the MOVA® globe turns at a peaceful and tranquil pace. The MOVA® globe creates the perfect focal point for any room or office.

This globe has an eloquent design with cobalt blue oceans and metallic silver continents. Shown on the map are both country names and borders.

Size 4.5" (11.5cm)

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