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Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm)
Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm) Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm) Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm) Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm) Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm)

Endeavour Model Yacht (60cm)

With incredible speed and power, Endeavour came closer than any British competitor to breaking the American winning streak and winning the America’s Cup.  Our masterfully handcrafted Endeavour sailboat model lets you capture and relive the excitement of the race.  As one of the most beautiful J-class sailboats in yachting history, Endeavour is the perfect gift for friends and colleagues.

Our pre and fully assembled Endeavour model boats are accurate, museum quality, and affordable.  Each of our Endeavour model boats features countless additional details, supplementary riggings, improved deck details.  

The Endeavour model sailboat is perfect for any office, home or beach house.

  •  An authentic museum-quality scale replica of the real Endeavour racing yacht
  •  Individual plank on frame construction of the hull using fine quality woods, with each plank and wood grain visible through the paint
  • High quality craftsmanship and details, including:
    • Increased details and items on deck over smaller yacht models
    • Accurate scale of all deck and hull components
    • Finely stitched sails with quality rigging
  • Significant research to guarantee accuracy of this model includes sources such as photos, historical plans and original artwork
  • Pre-assembled, simply attach the masts and display
    • Ready to display in less than five minutes
    • Separate pre-assembled hull and sails ensure safe shipping and lower cost
    • Insert mast in designated hole and clip brass rigging hooks as shown in illustrations
    • Sails and rigging already complete

Dimensions:  60cm Length, 12cm Width, 79cm Height with stand.


The J-class yachts are beloved symbols of extravagance from a bygone age, each designed and financed by a unique personality to compete in The America’s Cup. Looking back, we are left to wonder at the priorities of the people involved; how could they justify to themselves the expenditure required for a boat race during the height of the Great Depression Not to mention, these millionaires would rarely even leave themselves with a souvenir of this ultimate luxury; most J-class yachts were sold for scrap following the race. Today, we are left to marvel at the extraordinary series of events that was The America’s Cup from 1930-’37.

After the suspension of racing during World War II, its resumption in ‘58 featured smaller yachts, undoubtedly more affordable to field. This makes any surviving J-class yacht to be a rare, valuable historical artifact – exactly what the Endeavour is.

When it was constructed, The Endeavour was extraordinary for its design and technological innovation, and it remains so for being one of the only America’s Cup J-class yachts still intact.

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